Sunday, May 19, 2013

Get your hood on!

Shade is needed especially in the bright sun when you try to check your pics on lcd screen? You can fix that quick and easy and for dirty cheap.
What is needed?

-few plastic cards (size of credit card)
-some black tape
-rubber band

You can easy fold the hood when you need look through viewfinder.

Now i go one step forward. I found in my drawer old viewfinder from 80' vhs cam and adapt this to my diy hood and that are results:

...and now i got 2in1 lcd hood and lcd loupe.

Most pictures in my pictorials are shoot with mobile phone (sgs2) and edited on instagram. I have already few new DIY project coming soon, if like my DIY's please like my blog and follow me on instagram or flickr.

 Special thanks for crew for spreeding my words. Thanks Udi!

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