Sunday, September 2, 2012

Number 2 - 50mm DiyTilt Younger Brother


On my holidays away from Dublin i did it again. I was helping to build copy of my diyTilt projectPaweł Piątek wedding photographer from my town ask me for help to get the same results. Good news  tilt is working - bad news his lens look better like mine :P           

slowly, carefully, safety first...

                             be gentle with the tools

                             take your time

                                be precise

                                think twice before you make any cuts

                                keep your workplace clean

                                ...take more time

                                always use protection

                                now bit of adhesive

                             don't glue your fingers

ready .. We did it! without losing health or the mind

Happy new user Paweł Piątek !


  1. Łał, to niesamowite! :D Szkoda, że nie mam takich zdolności manualnych, żeby samodzielnie wyczarować sobie taki obiektyw <3

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