Friday, February 17, 2012

Inside Job

Ok guys the whole secret of my tilt, that how looks like from inside. That bayonet seen on pictures i  used from my older tilt diyTs v2.0, but instead of a this you can easily use the any lens adapter like the pka-eos, m42-nikon F ect. of course that is depending on the camera you are using.

Important information: using the full frame 50mm lens for diy tilt you have to be really careful because the rear lens when tilted is close, very close to the mirror in the camera, that why you have to measure depth from the mirror to the lens mount. Keep that measure in your mind all the time when you work on that lens.  

 I do not give any dimensional(mesures) because the every diy tilt-shift design is different and depends on the main lens used (for that project i use fujinon 50mm f1.9). Of course shower head is not necessarily also you can use something else on the similar shape like a small bowl ect.. 

 Remeber that inside edge of bayonet must be well polished and perfectly round and smooth that are bowl(shower head) had no resistance to movements (tilting). The whole is held by rubber glove and exactly one of her fingers tightened on the lens.
To change the aperture i just screw out the lens from housing.
Keep your work clean to safe the dust from camera.

I am not responsible for any damage of the camera or the health of people trying to modify the lens using my guidelines.

good luck



Many thanks to my beloved for understanding and strength all the time, I love you baby.

ps.sorry guys for my bad english


  1. how to get the focus? is there still have the focusing ring?

    1. To Focus i use front element of the lens is stil rotating. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hey, I am using a Canon 50mm 1.8, i don't know which element I should use, front or the back one or both.