Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Green Robot in the service of Photography

After previous controversial post and dozens of negative comments, I'll try to be less controversial this time ... at least I'll try

Why i hook android  phone to the camera?
Because of:
- dropbox
- social media
- quick editing for the web
-  intervalometer
- macro, low angle photography
- external  screen for video
- wifi
- and much more...

What we need?
- android phone with  USB OTG (usb host)  capability
- canon or nikon dslr 
- mobile apps CamCap / DSLR controller (pay apps)

Connect the camera to the phone with USB OTG cable and chose one of installed apps

CapCam is a great for a tablet but also work on the phone. 

The most interesting feature of CamCap is that the image from dslr will be save automaticlly on the phone.

...and that gives us endless possibilities like...

                                                                 ..wifi file transfer...

 DSLR controller (works only with canon EOS cameras) with a LiveView  for photos and video. Great for low angle shoots and for quick overview  with pinch to zoom and tap to focus feature.   

To attach the phone to the Camera I use Hot Shoe Mount Adapter and modified  Phone Holder for Tripod.

...that only small, tiny info of what you can do with your android phone/tablet combine with a dslr. Thanks for reading.  MaciekPP


  1. this is a rely cool stuff thx for sharing :)

    1. My question is, what about working on accu/battery? My nikon d90 connected to PC goes low very fast.

    2. With CamCap i don't notice any drain of battery but in DSLR controller app battery go quicker because app is using LiveView.

  2. This is brilliant! Any idea if it will work on an iPhone?

    1. Sorry but you have to find yourself but that what i know iphone dont have usb host capability

  3. is the Canon running CHDK?

    If so have you tried an OTG cable the other direction to see if you can control another USB device with your camera?

    1. No i dont have CHDK on it to control i use only android phone and I dont think so that other usb device will work on it but maybe I am wrong. I try dont mess to much with this camera.

  4. Where do you connect the cable to Nikon D5200?

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