Saturday, January 5, 2013

Change The View

When you look through your dslr viewfinder what you see? Some of you see nothing (mostly because cap is on) and some of you see what normally you don't wanna see (like cats and other too cute stuff for pros like us) But what to do when you wear SquarePants that don't fit your viewfinder and your pocket is empty to buy hassel or other real heavy mens pulling muscle medium 6by6 only right format camera. I can't help you with that but i can help you to see your world in right way and by that i don't wanna narcotize you or by sending you to Specsavers. I wanna work with you around your dslr viewfinder. Be warned you need more like basic skills to do this mod, when you are not comfortable with that simple don't do it. If you still want to do this, find a clean, well-lit dust-free place and let's get started:

Open small door holding focusing screen, (find how in your camera instrucion-manual book)
take out focusing screen, don't scratch be gentle with,
 use tape to cover sides of glass like above. Don't have to be yellow - blue, black or clear do the same work.
Put back screen in the camera.
 Now we have nice insta-square view.

This mod does not affect your pictures is just small framing help. When you need some right now special effects use old lady tights on your lens - that always works. 
Last words: for this mod i use my old camera i will never do that on fresh new dslr... that all folks. Happy New Year!!!


  1. Hey Maciej!

    Can we republish this on under your name?

    You can contact me at Thanks!


  2. The funny thing is, while this has gotten exposure, everyone thinks your kidding.

    Maybe I am just drinking the kool-Aid, but as a photographer, I am very well aware of the significant market for specialty viewfinders. They do not affect the final image, but they help with framing. I, myself, have a few. You can either buy the expensive ones, laser etched and such, or you can do this. Personally, I have done this to spare screens. It's a thing, and if you were kidding, well, oops, I guess.

    As for Gizmodo et al readers who think this is humor. Google specialty focusing screens, then google the price of cheep standard screens. This isn't dangerous, it's frugal. I may actually make a square one now.

    Thanks for the idea.

  3. Isn't there any patent infringement by using this type of screen ?

  4. First i dont see people using that kinda screens i dont know or someone have patent for it. Is just idea....but on one side that will be cool to get sqare view on canon dslr and firmware for 1:1 rotio...

  5. I wouldn't firmware down to 1:1. Don't trash data, the camera makers cripple our cameras enough, we don't have to help.

    What I would do is make an import routine in your favorite software to automatically impart a 1:1 crop. Then treat from there.

    As for patent infringement... Did you really ask that? Sure, if he starts laser etching screens, he may have an issue. But even then, it's just drawings on glass. Also, you can't patent a shape, not unless you are Apple (I write this from a MBP, edit my photos primarily on a Windows machine, and call from an Android phone, it was a joke, lets not fight, lol).

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